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InfoVision Lab is the Global specialist for implementing the HR functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent. We have implemented the HR solutions in a variety of industries. We have implemented for more than 60 companies at once, imported more than 100,000 employment records for a single organisation.


Employee Self Service

Personal Management

Leave and Absence

Compensation Management​

Task Management


Leave and Absence

Compensation Management

Employee Development





Business Processes

Organization Administration

System Administration


Proof of Concept


Data Migration

Data Integration

Project Implementation Approach

Customers Reviews

I like the service applications that help manage specific business functions, such as financial, sales, operations, marketing, or service automation. As well as, the power of Microsoft's cloud, the CRM and ERP capabilities for productivity applications that allow identifying and capturing new opportunities, since all the key parts of the business are connected.
Payal Gupta
Like any CRM software, Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows your company to share communications, leads and opportunities to make the most of your team's time and effort. I particularly appreciate the integration with MS Outlook, although the plug-in is still a bit hard and significantly slows down performance.
Rakesh Singh
Assistant Manager
First off, it is easy to set up and reset-up Dynamics 365. Therefore, this is an easy and quick to learn platform that suits sales and financial management solution. Additionally, I like Dynamics 365 because it is straightforward to integrate with other Microsoft services like Excel, Publisher, and PowerPoint. Since Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based option, you can easily work with it from anywhere.
Rahul Rawal

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